3 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Get Very Serious About in 2021

Google recently introduced its one of the biggest algorithm updates in recent times: BERT. TikTok has swiftly marched into the mainstream, touting more than 500 million monthly active users. And email marketing, while still relevant, is less effective than ever for SMEs in particular.

A lot has changed in the digital marketing landscape in recent times. And many more changes are expected in 2020. If you’re looking to outdo your competitors and grow your business, it’s essential to stay in sync with these trends.

To give you a heads up, here are three digital marketing trends for 2021 you should get very serious about:

1. LinkedIn will become bigger than ever

Once a platform just for the recruiters, LinkedIn has now emerged as a complete social media platform. It’s already making enough noise in 2019, which is expected to get even louder in the next couple of years.

The organic reach on the platform, at present, is massively high; so is the engagement rate. Many companies are already leveraging on this to drive qualified leads, generate revenue and build brand. In 2021, more will join this bandwagon. If you don’t already have a dedicated LinkedIn marketing strategy, create one right away.

2. Quantity of content would be equally important as the quality

You have heard many times that the quality of the content is more important than quantity. In the coming months, that narrative will take a shift.

While quality will remain the North Star, quantity of the content would become equally important.

With competition so high across the industries and so many things pulling away consumers’ attention, you must consistently push a large volume of relevant and contextual content across all the major platforms. This is the key to drive higher engagement. Furthermore, this is a much saner approach vs. posting one piece of quality content and just hoping they would bring you the desired returns.

3. AI chatbots will enter the mainstream

Chatbots are everywhere already. And rightly so! After all, according to a survey…

  • 57 percent of businesses agree that chatbots deliver large ROI with minimal effort
  • 90 percent of businesses report faster complaint resolution with bots

In the coming years, with marketing landscape steering more towards automation, AI-powered chatbots on websites will become more popular, entering the mainstream. They would make lead generation and retention so much easier. Moreover, they would have ripple effects on even SEO.

These are three digital marketing trends for 2021, among many, that you should get serious about. Give your existing strategy a hard look and incorporate all the changes that are expected so to stay ahead in the game. Or simply hire a good digital marketing company and let them drive greater results for you.

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